Ellerslie property outlook by nearby real estate agent.

Ellerslie property outlook by nearby real estate agent.You can see in the following video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sa9bvxFP4Ok&feature=youtu.be the regional Ellerslie property specialist as well as real estate broker, Mark Tung, offers his views on the existing state of the property market in the Ellerslie area and also the broader Auckland real estate market.


Mark has many years experience efficiently marketing property to residence buyers as well as financiers alike. Over then he has built up significant expertise as well as understanding of exactly what it prominent and also preferable in Ellerslie and the surrounding suburban areas of Auckland.


Call upon his deep knowledge and also success to create sure you fully recognize the existing state of play in the Ellerslie building industry.


Despite the fact that the NZ central bank has presented some more rigid criteria for customers in the Auckland area especially for apartment capitalists both domestic as well as from overseas, there are still opportunities for those individuals who intend to buy rental residential properties. Call Mark for guidance to review your goals as well as to see just how he can assist you complete those objectives.


Ellerslie real estate agent


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